Kubernetes Training Overview

Kubernetes Training for DevOps Mastery

Our Kubernetes training will make you a container orchestration  master with its focus on hands-on labs and coverage of the concepts and components that make Kubernetes possible.

By understanding the technical challenges behind container orchestration and the solution provided by Kubernetes you will be armed with the tools necessary to keep up with any changes in Kubernetes sub-systems and components in what is a rapidly evolving technology.


Why Kubernetes?

Kubernetes has won the container orchestration war and is set to be the de-facto container orchestration standard. Kubernetes popularity is due to its component based architecture which allows differing implementations of components to be swapped in and out thereby allowing for experimentation and different solutions to address the differing needs of the Kubernetes community.

Besides its great community Kubernetes allows for  release-management,  updates with near-zero downtime, version rollback, and clusters that can ‘self-heal’. With built in service discovery, replication and management tools, Kubernetes makes managing container a breeze.

Kubernetes Skills in Demand

As cloud native architecture become the default way to build applications the demand for skills to manage and deploy cloud application, whether on-premise or via a cloud provider has increased exponentially. Get the Kubernetes training you need to help meet the growing demand for container orchestration skills.


Kubernetes Training Course Details

CourseDaysPrice(ZAR) Ex Vat
Kubernetes Training3R18,500


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Kubernetes Training Course Objectives

Kubernetes Training Course Outline

  • Core Concepts
    • Understand the Kubernetes API primitives.
    • Understand the Kubernetes cluster architecture.
    • Understand Services and other network primitives.
  • Installation configuration and Validation
    • Design a Kubernetes cluster
    • Install Kubernetes masters and nodes
    • Configure secure cluster communications
    • Configure a Highly-Available Kubernetes cluster
    • Know where to get the Kubernetes release binaries
    • Provision underlying infrastructure to deploy a Kubernetes cluster
    • Choose a network solution.
    • Choose your Kubernetes infrastructure configuration.
    • Run end-to-end tests on your cluster
    • Analyze end-to-end tests results
    • Run Node end-to-end tests
  • Scheduling
    • Use label selectors to schedule Pods
    • Understand the role of DaemonSets
    • Understand how resource limits can affect Pod scheduling.
    • Understand how to run multiple schedulers and how to configure Pods to use them.
    • Manually schedule a pod without a scheduler
    • Display scheduler events
    • Know how to configure the Kubernetes scheduler.
  • Logging/Monitoring
    • Understand how to monitor all cluster components
    • Understand how to monitor applications
    • Manage cluster component logs
    • Manage application logs
  • Storage
    • Understand persistent volumes and know how to create them.
    • Understand access modes for volumes
    • Understand persistent volume claims primitive.
    • Understand Kubernetes storage objects
    • Know how to configure applications with persistent storage.
  • Security
    • Know how to configure authentication and authorization.
    • Understand Kubernetes security primitives
    • Know how to configure network policies
    • Create and manage TLS certificates for cluster components.
    • Work with images securely
    • Define security contexts
    • Secure persistent key value store.
  • Application lifecycle management
    • Understand Deployments and how to perform rolling updates and rollbacks
    • Know various ways to configure applications.
    • Know how to scale applications
    • Understand the primitives necessary to create a self-healing application.
  • Cluster
    • Understand Kubernetes cluster upgrade process
    • Facilitate operating system upgrades
    • Implement back up and restore methodologies
  • Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshoot application failure.
    • Troubleshoot control plane failure.
    • Troubleshoot worker node failure.
    • Troubleshoot networking.
  • Networking
    • Understand the networking configuration on the cluster nodes
    • Understand Pod networking concepts
    • Understand service networking.
    • Deploy and configure network load balancer.
    • Know how to use Ingress rules
    • Know how to configure and use the cluster DNS.
    • Understand CNI

Training Locations & Approach

Training Locations and Options

We conduct our trainings across Africa, Europe and the globe. We have permanent training venues in South Africa and offer training both on-premise or off-site.

Customised training across the globe!

We are happy to customise our courses to meet your specific needs. If you wish to add or remove topics, increase or decrease the duration of the course feel free to chat to us.

We also offer discounts for groups of five or more students and our sales staff are always ready to accommodate your budget.

Practical hands on training

Our training has a hands-on focus which ensure students leave the course with practical skills that can be immediately put into use in their daily work routines.

Our instructors all have years of hands-on experience in industry which equips them with context and skills to explain concepts and use cases for the technology being taught. Even int he case of new technologies this experience enables them to explain how new solutions solve old problems in system design.

About Us

About Us

Jumping Bean is an open source integration and training company that has been delivery solutions to customers for over 17 years.

Our services include:

  • Support
    • 24x7SLA based
    • Ad-hoc support,
  • Security consulting
    • Vulnerability scans,
    • Server hardening
    • Penetration tests
  • Training
    • Linux
    • Java
    • DevOps
    • Cloud

Long-Term Partnerships

We build long relationships with our customers which helps us better  understand their needs and offer customised solutions and training to meet their business requirements.

Our clients include large and small businesses in South Africa and across the globe.  We offer both remote and on-site support.

Passion for Technology

We are passionate about open source and love living on the bleeding edge of technology innovation. Our customers lean our our practical experience with emerging technologies to ensure they get the benefits of early adopters and avoid the pitfalls.

Training 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident of the quality of our training that our courses carry a 100% money back guarantee. If at the end of the first day of training you are unsatisfied with the course we will refund 100% of your spend no questions asked!

Our Clients

Our Clients






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